How to send a Quantity parameter

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As already explained in the Keyboard emulation article, Barcode to PC is able to type the barcodes for you, but in addition to that, there is the opportunity to send a Quantity parameter along with the scanned barcodes.

In the video below you can see exactly how it works:


Basically, every time that you scan a barcode the app will ask you to insert a “quantity” value, that will be sent to the server along with the barcode.

To enable the Quantity parameter:

    1. Open the server Settings by clicking on the gear icon
    2. Drag and drop a TAB component from the Available components field to the Output field (it is used to move the focus forward)
    3. Drag and drop a QUANTITY component from the Available components field to the Output field
    4. Click Apply


The settings page should look like this:

Note: the order matters! Barcode to PC server will type the components in the exact same order in which you put them in the Output field.

That’s it! Now you should be able to scan and send the quantity parameter.


Bonus tip 1: as already you may have figured out, the quantity parameter can be used to send any kind of data, for example, you may use it to send the price instead of the quantity without changing anything, because “quantity” is just a name.

Bonus tip 2: you can change the type of keyboard that pops out when you have to insert the quantity from numeric to alphanumeric by selecting a Text Quantity type in the app settings.

Bonus tip 3: you may also need to type the quantity parameter inside a field that is located farther away from the barcode field, so in order to move the cursor inside it, a single TAB may not be enough.
To fix that you can use multiple TAB components to move the focus of the UI elements of your software.


  1. Thanks for this nice tool. I have one more question. Can we use more than one barcode in the same form? For example one Code_128 for the part number and one QR code for the storage location?

    1. Yes, the app by default scans any barcode format. However to improve the scan speeds you should disable the formats that you do not use from the app settings.

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