How to use Keyboard emulation

Last updated: Aug 21st 2021

Keyboard emulation allows you to automatically type the barcodes
inside other programs.

Once you scan a barcode from the app, it will be instantly communicated to the server program that, in turn, will take care of typing the barcode for you.

Here you can see an example with a spreadsheet:


The Keyboard emulation feature is enabled by default and will work with any program on your computer, for example: your inventory software, your accounting software, or even a web page in your browser.


Keyboard Emulation is enabled by default, to use it:

  1. Install Barcode to PC server on your computer
  2. Install Barcode to PC app on your smartphone
  3. Position the cursor in the text field where you want to type
  4. Scan from the smartphone by tapping the red camera button

Common issues

It’s able to type barcodes inside certain programs, but not in the one I need it to

Try to run the server as Administrator by first exiting the server and then right-click on it

It doesn’t type anything

Make sure that the Enable Keyboard Emulation option is enabled in the server settings, like this .
If your operating system is macOS, make sure that the server program has Accessibility permissions


  1. In order to use this function to scan Swiss QR Code Bills into an Online Banking Application, one has to configure the server as follows:

    – Tick “Show advanced settings”
    – Under “Enable keyboard emulation”, set “Type method” to “Clipboard”

    I hope I can save someone a few hours of “Trial and Error” with this Information.

  2. keyboard emulation does not work properly in citrix workspace. there seemes to be a trouble with caps lock. e.g.:
    code is: MA1001
    notepad in citrix session receives: MA!==!

  3. Hello,
    I would love to add a prefix to my barcode scan.

    For example: “]C1” needs to go before the data returned by the barcode.

    Can you help with this?

    1. You can do that by enabling the Skip Output option on the BARCODE component, and then output a new string using the JAVASCRIPT_FUNCTION component. Using a code like this: "]C1" + barcode. Is the ]C1 a control character? If yes, you can output ASCII values using this notation: '\x07' + barcode. Please contact us to get help

  4. Hello,
    I’m using a Samsung S7 handy and would like to transmit QR-Code content with separator semikolon to coloums in excel 2010 (WIN 10). All QR-Code content is put into first excell cell and not in the coloums. How can this be done?

    Example QR-Code content:
    1234567; 7654321;1324756

    Simular to this, but i have a Samsung S7:

    Regards Alex

    1. It can be done by using the JAVASCRIPT_FUNCTION component, as explained here.
      In your case, you have to use the ; character instead of the \n.

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