How to append barcodes to a CSV file

Last updated: Oct 2nd 2020

Let’s say that you need to put a bunch of barcodes inside a CSV file, doing it manually with an ordinary spreadsheet software could be a very slow and boring task, that’s where Barcode to PC helps you out.
As already explained in the keyboard emulation article the Barcode to PC app is capable of sending barcodes to your computer, and saving them to a file can be done with few clicks, see how here:


As you can see from the video above, the scans are saved in real-time, it means that they are appended to the file just after the server receives them

The steps to enable CSV append are:

  1. Open the server Settings page
  2. Check Append scans to a .csv file option
  3. Select a destination file
  4. Scan barcodes with your smartphone

That’s it!


If you want to use a dynamic file names see the Method 2 of this article: 3 Ways to save scans to CSV files


  1. Hi, congratulations for the amazing app.
    I would like to append the device name and other data available in the output section to the csv file.
    Would it be possible? If not would you be available to add this feature to the app?

  2. Good day, how can i upgrade my app? it only allow me to use parameter barcode, i need also the quantity parameter? Does the app support hotspot or data connection or only wifi connection. Thank you

    1. Hi Jun, to use the quantity parameter you need to buy a license.

      Yes, you can use a smartphone to provide a Wi-Fi network for the computer.
      The data (Internet) connection it’s not required, it’ll work using the local network.

      However, it’s also possible to use it from another network (using the Internet) by forwarding the 57891 TCP port, and then adding the public IP address in the “Select server” page of the app

  3. First at all, that´s exactly what we are looking for. Before we will buy a licence, there is one point i like to figure out, because i´m not sure of it. We would like to use a template which includes two different Barcodes and other information. Number 1 will be the Code of the article, number 2 the code for the client, or the department, plus device, time etc. If the server is not running, will the app provide the fields needed like e.g the quantity and code for the client, so we can scan offline and later transfer the data in our spreadsheet?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,

      yes, you can do that, the Output template should look like this: output_template
      You can either scan offline, and then press the Send again button, to send them to the server, or if you want you can share the session, and export the data into a CSV file from the smartphone itself

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for this amazing app. I’m still evaluating, but I would like to ask: Is it possible for the app to send 2 different types of output (2 output templates) from 1 reading? For example:
    1. we want to input the Barcode reading into a web site form – so the output template would be [BARCODE] {ENTER]
    2. at the same time we want to append the output into a file but also include device and time stamp info – like [BARCODE] [TAB] [DEVICE_NAME] [TAB] [DATE_TIME] [ENTER]

    Will this be possible to do? I hope that it could be, because this would be a very useful thing and we would purchase 1 or 2 licenses immediately.

    Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi Carl,

      You can do that by enabling the Skip output option for the DEVICE_NAME and the DATA_TIME component and then use their value inside a RUN component, like this:
      run example

      You can import the template that I did for you by opening this file:
      You also may be interested in organizing the files using the smartphone name as file name, as shown here:

  5. Salve, è possibile salvare le scansioni in csv con colonne separate per ogni dato (es. data, ora, codici in colonne diverse)

  6. Hi, could you please help me?

    How can i use this app to input/output objects in my Excel BD? For example:
    I got 12 apples and i took out 1, i want to see the difference (11) in my results (Output), otherwise i got 12 and i add 1 more in my inventory (Input).
    Im trying to use if sentece’s with “select_option” but it only write’s my option.
    i got it like this:
    select_option == “Input”
    i tried this:
    select_option == {{ Input }}
    and this:
    select_option == (“Input”)

    1. Hello, the IF condition string must match exactly the SELECT_OPTION text, so if your options list is Input,Output,Check you have to use the following conditions: select_option == "Input", select_option == "Output" and select_option == "Check". Inside the if statements you can put the CSV_UPDATE component, to change the quantity values.

      Note: make sure that you’re using the correct quotes character, which is either " or ', but not .

  7. If we want to scan items off site (not near the same network where a computer would be), would the app allow us to scan and hold QR code information to be exported to a CSV once we arrive back in the office? Or does it have to transmit data real time to the CSV requiring us to have a computer up and running?

    Wondering if we can use this to scan name badge QR codes for attendance tracking at conferences.


    1. Absolutely, you can continue scanning offline, and then use the Sync button (up-right side on the scan session) to send the scans to the server. Yes, if you need it, you can decode the QR code contents, and show a pop-up message with a formatted text on the app. This can be done by creating a custom output template as explained here, and then injecting the value into the ALERT component. Contact us if you need help with this.

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