Once you buy a license you’ll automatically receive the invoice document by e-mail from this address: [email protected].
Our partner FastSpring will calculate taxes and apply the correct amount to your order based on your country or region.

The address you’ll see on the invoice is the following:

801 Garden Street
Suite 201
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
VAT Number: It may change depending on your country and region. See VAT and Sales Tax and W-9 Form.

Get a quote

If you need a quote document before purchasing, please Contact us providing the following details:

First Name*:
Last Name*:
Company Name:
VAT Number: (if your country is eligible taxes will be automatically removed from the total price)
Phone Number:
Currency: USD, EUR, etc.
License name*: Basic, Pro or Unlimited
License quantity*:

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Set Up a Tax-Exempt Order

Eligible Consumers can place a tax-exempt order by entering the VAT number on the Checkout page after clicking the Buy button.

If it doesn’t show you a field to insert the VAT number, please Contact us and send a copy of the tax-exemption document, either in PDF or an image format.