How to send a Quantity parameter

Last updated: Oct 2nd 2020

As already explained in the Keyboard emulation article, Barcode to PC is able to type the barcodes for you, but in addition to that, there is the opportunity to send a Quantity parameter along with the scanned barcodes.

For example, in the video you can see an example where it is able to type the scan date/time, the barcode, and the quantity:


Every time that you scan a barcode the app will also ask you to insert a “quantity” value, that will be sent to the server along with the barcode.

To enable the Quantity parameter:

  1. Open the server Settings by clicking on the gear icon
  2. Drag and drop a TAB component from the Available components field to the Output template field (it is used to move the focus forward)
  3. Drag and drop a NUMBER component from the Available components field to the Output template field
  4. Click Save & Apply


Like this:


Note: the order matters! Barcode to PC server will type the components in the exact same order in which you put them in the Output template field.

That’s it! Now you should be able to scan and send the quantity parameter.


Bonus tip 1: you can change the type of keyboard that pops out when you have to insert the quantity from numeric to alphanumeric by using the TEXT component instead.

Bonus tip 2: you may also need to type the quantity parameter inside a field that is located farther away from the barcode field, so in order to move the cursor inside it, a single TAB may not be enough.
To fix that you can use multiple TAB components to move the focus of the UI elements of your software.


  1. Thanks for this nice tool. I have one more question. Can we use more than one barcode in the same form? For example one Code_128 for the part number and one QR code for the storage location?

    1. Yes, the app by default scans any barcode format. However to improve the scan speeds you should disable the formats that you do not use from the app settings.

  2. The tool looks nice and stabile.
    But we have a specific need:
    We need to start with scanning or typing an ID, then scan a number of barcodes and each time send the combination of the ID and the barcode.
    Is it possible to do this with your tool?

    1. No, at the moment it’s not possible, but since it may be a useful feature it’ll be added with the next updates

      Now it’s possible. Just click the NUMBER component to set it.

  3. Your method of describing everything in this paragraph is in fact fastidious, all be capable of without difficulty understand it,
    Thanks a lot.

  4. How can I load the scanned barcodes and quantities into a file on the PC — e,g, a spreadsheet? I need to update quantities for each barcode on the PC.

  5. In my application I need the pc to do a quick lookup based on the barcode just scanned and send a yes/no feedback to the cell phone scanner before the next scan. The lookup table is a dual list of two elements, the scanned code and a corresponding value. If a match, the feedback is “yes”, otherwise “no”, this could be a feedback sound such as a beep. We are dividing the scanned items into two groups based on the feedback.
    Is this possible with your application? If not, what would it take to add that functionality?

  6. Hi Filippo,

    I am trying to get this app to output to a CVS file. Right now it outputs it in a Notepad.
    What I would like it to do is Scan the order # (to name the file) then Scan the Product ID Column A then tab then scan however many serial # in Column B. Then a new product in Column A again and repeat the process. Is this doable?

    any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you

  7. Se puede poner en cantidad números negativos? Para que en el excel me figure negativos salidas y positivos ingresos.

  8. Se podría instalar en una Tablet el programa y el aplicativo? Para usar la tablet como lectora y tener el excel en la misma tablet?

  9. Hello,
    We are looking to use barecodetopc app for inventory. Actually, the quantity is part of the QR code. Is it possible to allow the warehouse employee to update the scanned quantity coming with the barcode ? how can we do this ?

    Thank you for your help.

  10. Se puede leer de un archivo .csv el Product_ID, este desplegarlo en un cuadro de texto para poder ver el Product_ID, luego con la funcion PRESS KEY, pasar a leer el codigo de barra y que el archivo final me quede:
    Product_ID, Barcode


    Product_ID , Barcode

    40221R1 , 4005900036711

    La problematica es que tengo el product_Id y necesito asociarle el codigo de barra

    1. Puede utilizar el componente CSV_LOOKUP para extraer datos de un archivo .csv y luego mostrarlos usando el componente ALERT. Sin embargo, todavía no entiendo completamente su pregunta sobre el componente PRESS_KEY. Me pondré en contacto con usted por correo electrónico para obtener más detalles y poder ayudarle de manera más efectiva. Gracias

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