3 Ways to save scans to CSV files

Last updated: Dec 8th 2022

Barcode to PC offers you 3 alternative ways to save the scans to CSV files:

Method 1: Export an enteire scan session

This option will let you export the scans of a scan session all at once
Step 1 – Click the 3 dots icon

Step 2 – Click the Export as CSV option

After that, it’ll let you select the path of the output file.

Method 2: Append the scans to a file in real-time (synchronously)

This option allows saving the scans as they’re received.
Step 1 – Open the server settings

Step 2 – Enable the Append scans to a .csv file option
Step 3 – Click the SELECT button to insert the output file path

After that save the settings, and the new scans will be automatically appended on the file path you selected.

Is it also possible to use a dynamic file name to save the scans in different files, based for example on the name of the smartphone they come from, or any other variable.
You can see it in action in this video:

Method 3: Share a scan session from the app

Step 1 – Open a scan session of your choice

Step 2 – Tap the Share icon

Step 3 – Tap the EXPORT button



  1. Not sure what I’m buying. I’ll tell you what I want it to do and you tell me if it will work.
    I sell vehicles at auction. I want to scan the bar code of the vehicle located on the door. I want to send this information to my AuctionFlex software. Add Additional information about the vehicle and print a bar-code label that can be affixed to the windows of the vehicles being sold. Buyers can scan the bar Code to obtain info

    1. Hi, Barcode to PC helps you insert data in your existing software, please send a screenshot of the AuctionFlex software where you need to put the barcode and the other information to [email protected] so that I can help you create a template.

  2. Hi, I need some help here. I would like to automatically save the scan output to a csv file. It work and here is the problem. The setting in the server is Barcode + Quantity + Enter. Quote is unchecked.
    After scan the barcode and open the csv(open it using notepad), I could see the quote mark at the barcode while there is not quote mark at the quantity. I would like to remove the quote mark at the barcode. If I open a blank notepad and start scan a barcode (keyboard emulation is On), I could see the barcode and quantity is without the quote mark.

    Here is one of my scan code

    If I use keyboard emulation in notepad i will get this

    If i use output to csv file i will get this

    This quote mark will cause all the scan code will be in same column in excel file.
    If the quote mark is eliminated, all the scan code will sorted at different column according to the comma.

    I hope you guys will can understand what i am trying to solve here. if not, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email. You build a really good product. Thank you.

    1. Hello, I think that is due to the fact that you’re using the comma , as separator character and at the same time your barcode contains commas.
      Try to change the delimiter option to ; in the server settings, like this: image

  3. Hi, I have a little bit question.
    At the moment when I want to have all the data to CSV file, the app will give me one file per each scan session?
    Are there options to downolad all the data in one file no matter the scan sessions?

    The reason why I have this question is because I would need all the data in just one file but at the same time is really important the name of the scan session, because I need to segregate the data per scan session.

    I hope you will can understand what I’m trying to say guys, thanks

    1. Hello, the Append scans to .csv file option saves the incoming scans to one single file, no matter what is the originating scan session (unless you use a dynamic file name).

      In addition you can put the scan session name on each row inside the file using an Output template like this:

  4. Hi Filippo,

    I would like to save a .csv with two paramaters {{device_name}}+{{scan_session_name}} as a file name. Is it possible? How can I do it?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello, yes, you can do that, use this path in the Append to .csv file option: C:\Users\Tomas\Desktop\{{device_name}}_{{scan_session_name}}.csv

  5. Hi Filippo,

    I have another question, I have a few “output template” all in a csv file. I would like to separated. Is it any possibility to use de template as the name of the file?

    For example: c:\Users\Tomas\Desktop\{{output_template}}.txt

    In case that this is not possible, how can I use the tag “static text” as a file name? If I have two “static text” in the same template can I select one of them

    For example: c:\Users\Tomas\Desktop\{{static_template}}.txt


  6. Hi Filippo,
    I see the option to type in the delimiter you wish to use in the CSV, Is it possible to specify a TAB or space as a delimiter?

    1. You can use space by just putting a space character. TABs are not allowed, but using a custom output template it could be done.

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