What’s New in Barcode to PC 4?

Last updated: Jun 7th 2023

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a major upgrade to Barcode to PC.

You can download the v4.0.0 server program from the main page, while the app will automatically update on your smartphone through the App Store.



✅ Added

  • IMAGE component (to send pictures)
  • Apple Silicon support
  • HTTP OAuth 2.0 support
  • WOOCOMMERCE Component
  • Option to allow template selection
  • Scan Session name filter
  • Option to disable Real-Time send from the smartphone
  • Option to detect duplicate barcodes in scan sessions
  • Support of JavaScript code inside curly branches
  • Option to update the DATE_TIME value to the barcode acquisition date
  • Support to change the default server port
  • Option to enable CSV Headers
  • Windows Firewall auto-configuration
  • Google Sheet support
  • NFC tags scanning support
  • Option to execute components after offline scannings

✏️ Changed

  • Improve Settings Page UI
  • Improve Tray Icon handling on macOS Server
  • Improve UI reactiveness

🛠 Fixed

  • Prevent accidental dismission for the ALERT component
  • Slow Keyboard Emulation on Windows
  • Errors in variables injection
  • Issues on Android 11+ and iOS 13+


New features


Apple Silicon support
Barcode to PC server now runs natively on your Apple Silicon devices.
We upgraded the underlying framework that runs the server user interface (Electron), wich will enable us providing you a better user experience, and a better support for native-features such as dark mode, that will be added in upcoming versions.
We’re also planning to release an ARM version installer for Windows and Linux devices as well, and publish the server program to the Snap App Store.
WooCommerce Integration
woo commerce component
You can now use the WOOCOMMERCE on your Output Template, to perform an action on your WooCommerce store when a new barcode is scanned.
You’ll be able to to:

  • Create products
  • Retrieve products
  • Update products
  • Delete products
  • Create orders
  • Retrieve orders
  • Update orders
  • Delete orders

The fields also support variables injection, and will allow you call JavaScript functions within the curly braches.
For example, if your barcode contains multiple information such as SKU, and Color, like this: sku0001,green, you can extract the SKU part by using this syntax {{ barcode.split(',')[0] }}.

New settings UI
settings page
We redesigned the settings page and organised it in sections so that it will be easier to find the options you need.
One new option worth mentioning is the Enable Real-Time send options, that when disabled will prevent the app from sending the barcodes immediately to the server. This is useful when you don’t want the barcodes to be typed all over other programs while you’re acquiring them, and will enable to send them all at once, later, when you finished the acquisition process by using the Sync button present on the Scan Session page.
The Show the Output Template selection page option will allow you to choose the Output Template you want just before starting a new scan session even when there is a default Scan mode selected. This way, for example, you’ll be able to always use the Continuous Scan mode and at the same time choose the Output Template you want by tapping on it.
We’ve also changed the Accept duplicate barcodes option so that the duplicate check can be done on the app-side. When a barcode is scanned the smartphone will check if it has already been acquired in the same Scan session, and discard it automatically.
Improve variables

You can now use JavaScript expressions inside the curly braces syntax.
For example, if you store the quantity value inside a CSV file, and you want to automatically compute the new quantity value by decreaing of one unit, you can use the NUMBER component and set the default value using this syntax: {{ csv_lookup - 1 }}.
You can call any JavaScript function, and thus fully control the output string cotanined in available variables, for example to remove the whitespaces from the barcode variable, you can use the following syntax: {{ barcode.replace(/\s/g, '') }}.
This feature is also available for the Scan Session default name.


License Upgrade

Owners of Barcode to PC 3 license are eligible to upgrade to Barcode to PC 4. Use our site to purchase your discounted upgrade.

We’ve also provided upgrades to a generous number of recent purchasers at no charge. If you purchased Barcode to PC 3 since July 1, 2022 you were already provided with a v4 license!

If you want to opt-out from the update, you can continue using the old v3.x.x version. We won’t force you to update.

Why upgrade the license?

With version v4.0.0 we introduced new features, and we’ve also updated the underlying framework of the server program (Electron). From now on, you’ll experience a more reactive user interface. This update will also enable us to deliver you new features with a quicker turnaround time.

Version v3.18.1 is the latest stable release of the v3.x.x series.
It includes all the features that you have already paid for, and you can continue using it without upgrading your license.
If instead, you want to upgrade to v4 and take advantage of the new features, for a limited period of time you’ll be able to upgrade your license at a reduced price:

Upgrade to V4

Opt-out from the update

If you want to opt-out from the update, and continue using the old v3.x.x version without upgrading your license, you can do that by disabling automatic updates. Instructions: Click the 3-dots icon > Click Info > Disable automatic updates. See instructions .

Download Server (v3.18.1):

Download App (v3.18.2):


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