How to create Output Templates

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Output Templates allow you to define the behavior of the server.

The Output Template that you set in the server settings will affect the output of the Keyboard emulation and also the CSV output (if it’s enabled).


You can edit the Output Template by following the following steps:

  1. Open Barcode to PC server on your computer
  2. Click the settings icon (up-right side)
  3. Drag & drop the components from the Available components field to the Output template field


Like this:



The app will acquire the data required to fill every component of Output template, and then send it to the server.



For example, if you have two barcodes containing respectively the name, and the e-mail of a customer, and you want them to be typed into two separate fields, you’ll have to edit the Output template so that it looks like this:

output template

This way the app will acquire two QR Codes and then send them to the server


Create multiple Output templates

If you need to use different Output components combinations based on what you’re scanning, you can create more Output templates and chose which one to use before start scanning.

To do that you have to enable the advanced settings of the server and then click “New output template” as shown in this video:


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